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    Book 1: Life On Your Terms

    24 average people share their stories to success

    Book 2: Social Media

    100 Social Media Tips from Top-Earning Network Marketers

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    Why These Books Will Change YOUR LIFE!

    Momentum Makers is a book series of extraordinary stories written by ordinary people who had dreams and worked hard to make them a reality!

    Whether you’re a Network Marketing "newbie" or a seasoned professional, the stories in these books will change your life and business.  Each motivating and compelling story will push you to accomplish your dreams! 


    If you want to grow your business and your team, get these books NOW!

    These Books are for YOU If...

    Any of these sound like you:

    The Skeptic

    Do you struggle believing network marketing is a valid opportunity? Have you ever felt it was just a scam?

    New to Network Marketing

    Are you looking for the secret sauce to success? Do you like hearing how others started and learning from their journey?

    A Network Marketing Pro

    Do you feel personal development is key to your growth and the growth of your business?  Are you looking for a tool to take you and your business partners to the next level?


    Do you feel you are in a dead-end job? Do you dread going to work every day?  Do you hate your boss?

    On the Fence

    Are you trying to decide whether or not you should leave your 9-5?  Are your dreams bigger than your job?

    Serial Entrepreneur

    Are you tired of the start-up that never really gets going? Would proven products and systems help you reach your goals? Does success always seem out of reach?

    5 Reasons You Need to Read this Book

    #1. You're Frustrated and Lack Motivation

    If you are looking for inspiration and motivation, you will find it in this book. Each story gives you insight into how leaders think and act differently to get bigger and better results.


    #2. You are New to Network Marketing

    The growing stage of Network Marketing is the critical stage of Network Marketing. This is when people quit! If you are looking for motivation and inspiration to reach your goals and not give up, this book will prove your dreams are possible!


    #3. You Need Growth Ideas
    This book gives you countless ideas and over 100 tips on how to grow your network marketing business.  Each story can help you propel your business to the next level.


    #4. You are Considering Network Marketing
    These are real stories, real people with real concerns, real challenges, and real inner demons. When you hear about their journey, you’ll be inspired to learn how ordinary people can do extraordinary things by managing their habits & practices. 


    #5. You are a Network Marketer Who is Ready to Soar
    Your success is directly correlated to how quickly you can accelerate your level of personal development. Save yourself years of struggling through a learning curve and learn from these outstanding stories and testimonials!


    Your Sneak Peek: Book 1

    Each Chapter Packs a Business Building Punch

    Forward | Frazer Brooks. Network Marketing gives you the chance to create a life you can dream of. You are going to be reading a number of stories from some of the best people in the industry today. Not only have their lives changed through the income they have created, but the impact they are having on the world is helping make it a better place.


    Chapter 1 | Kate Horwitz:  No One Gets Out Alive. There will always be a business opportunity in the things you love. Don’t allow yourself to settle for less just because it’s in front of you. Find the thing that is worth your life investment. 


    Chapter 2 | Sandi & Ed Cohen:  Live A Liberated Life. You must be intentional in developing yourself. You are the captain of your ship. If you are not intentional with how you develop yourself, you will never be fully satisfied with your life.


    Chapter 3 | Allen Fu: Family, Fun & Fortune. You will build the rest of your life with your family. Whether or not they are in business with you every day, they are in your business with you. Build a solid foundation in your closest relationships you will need it.


    Chapter 4 | Mona Christiansen: Wisdom Wins. No one is going to grow your business for you. You must drive the success every day. Don’t make excuses. 


    Chapter 5 | Nina Alexander: Make Everyday Count. Every day you have hundreds of opportunities around you to shape people’s lives and build your success. You cannot influence someone with whom you have no relationship. Maximize your relationships to foster your growth.


    Chapter 6 | Hilari & Justin Courtney: It's About Your Team, Not You. People are attracted to things they trust. The more authentic you are in your relationships, the more relationships you will have. 


    Chapter 7 | Pille Kapetanakis: The One Question That Changed Everything. Being coachable and not trying to reinvent the wheel. Work the system that is in place and that is working for others in your chosen company. 


    Chapter 8 | Tracy Rodgers: How Bad do you Want It? Stop believing lies that you cannot make it because you have not made it. Circumstances only help define the greatness of your success. The worse the shape you are in when you get started only helps create the greatness of your story overcoming it.


    Chapter 9 | Jordan Adler: How to Fly in Life and in Business. I had to face my fears. I know your fears feel real and the only way to overcome them is to face them head-on. The more you practice, the more confident you will become. No way around this.


    Chapter 10 | Darla DiGrandi-Aguilera: Living the #YesLife. Freedom is everything. It is so easy to become enslaved to things that once meant progress but now holds us back. You will never get to freedom without honestly evaluating the things you are a slave to. 


    Chapter 11 | Laura Wells: Heart And Hustle. You never know which relationships are going to turn into the ones that build your business. Don’t write any relationship off. If someone seems interested, give him or her a shot. Remember, someone else took a chance on you.


    Chapter 12 | Jaime Peca: Accidentally On Purpose. “Planning” is the working word. You can dream about tomorrow for the rest of your life and you’ll likely never get there. You must take the time to plot your course to your dream and then execute the plan. 


    Chapter 13 | Peter & Susie Bagwell: People Matter. You have an opportunity to change people’s lives. If you only care about making money, people will know, and you will miss out on the greatest gift of all.  


    Chapter 14 | Kelly Bryant: When The Chips Are Down, You Have A Choice To Make. You can either give up or go after what you want. The zebra always runs the fastest when the lion is on its backside. Don’t let your ebbs in life take hold of you. Turn them into a great reason to get focused and go after it. 


    Chapter 15 | Laurie Delk-Radecki: Residuals Rock. Never stop asking the question, “How can I turn this chance into a life changing event?” Keep your eyes and heart open. Your whole life could change tomorrow – don’t miss it. 


    Chapter 16 | Christy Fechser: The Not So Perfect Behind-The-Scenes Look at Success. It’s easy to take rejection personally. You need to understand that this business is a numbers business. Not everyone is going to say, “Yes!” But you must remember, you are not focused on you finding your “No’s.” 


    Chapter 17 | Claudia Stepan: From Surviving To Thriving. One of the biggest challenges for highly entrepreneurial people is choosing one path and sticking with it. You cannot achieve your goals if you do not stick to your path. 


    Chapter 18 | Jo Epere: Courage Ambition. When growing a business, there can be many temptations to make decisions that could compromise your character. Don’t allow external factors to reshape who you are inside. 


    Chapter 19 | Victoria McKew: Your Dream Is Never Too Big. They hesitate or don’t move at all. Don’t be afraid to dive in. Whether it’s social media or casual conversation. Take the risk of jumping in. 


    Chapter 20 | Alicia Pesina: Getting Real. Hold authenticity as one of your highest team values. Your story on your way to success is as important as your story once you’re there. Don’t be afraid of the truth.


    Chapter 21 | Heather McCloskey: Just Jump. Your days should end with excited exhaustion. The kind of exhaustion that brings pride knowing that you’ve accomplished your goals and impacted your world. 


    Chapter 22 | Natasha Roberson: Your Why Matters. Distraction will keep you from accomplishing your goals. You need to pursue your “yes” to the exclusion of everything else. 


    Chapter 23 | Scott Campbell: Dance Like A Rock Star. You cannot do anything about yesterday, but you have 100% control over tomorrow. Do not let yesterdays ruin your tomorrows. 


    Chapter 24 | Elise Lininger: From Unstuck To Unleashed. Be the person you want your team to become. They will mimic your behaviors because they do not know what to do otherwise.

    What Others Are Saying About the Book...

    "This collection of personal stories from network marketers shows, through grit and going 'all in', success can be created by being a problem solver. As someone who is familiar with the business, I was inspired by their perseverance to achieve success."


    Jody Lemieux, "Make Your Dreams a Reality!"

    "This incredible read is inspirational and thought-provoking. This is like binge-watching your favourite series, and you cannot get enough. This book will teach you what you have forgotten, challenge your thinking, showcase your authentic self and most importantly equip you to help others go beyond where they have never gone before."

    Luisette Mullin, "What an incredible read!"

    "I really enjoyed reading SO many different, very relatable, personal journeys in network marketing. I love how each author's story is so different yet they all found success. It's inspiring to hear these varied paths in this business because it reinforces the belief that success in network marketing is possible for anyone who truly wants it."


    Jen Somers, "All Roads Can Lead to Success!"

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